Are You mobile? Research and ideas for the wellbeing in cities’21

The festival 2021 Amsterdam| Berlin | Munich contribution
Oct. 29.2021
#mobility #consciouscities #wellbeing

Great thanks to @AnjaKluge, @JulienVincelot & @MartinaDreßelt for the enlightening event and the interesting discussion panel with Tim Gill @timrgill and Melissa & Chris Bruntlett – @modacitylife and Maximilian Wolf .

Thanks to Julien taking us along his research field by widening once more our point of you while putting us in the shoes of another target audience on a imaginative journey. Thanks to @Anja for inviting me to contribute. Thanks to Tim Gill for contributing and the input from his new book „urban playground“

Watch the complete Film from Anja Kluge, Martina Dreßelt & Julien Vincelot. Soon on

Source: conscious cities festival 2021

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